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静谧的水院,高耸的院墙,长长的回廊,盛开在窗侧的石榴花,这些似乎都具备了一座书院应有的特质,行走其间的感官体验让人产生了传统中国园林的遐想,因此而得名 “书院”。但是,强烈的色彩和纯粹几何形式的体量,这些非传统建筑的元素可以透露出,设计的出发点并非仅仅是一座书院 ,而是吸纳了多样元素后的一种转变的结果。

Courtyard with quiet water, high wall around the garden, winding corridor and the Pomegranate blooming beside the window, these all seems to be the specifics of a Chinese classical academy. When visitors go through this garden, the imagination of Chinese traditional landscape will come out of their minds, and that is the “SHU YUAN” comes from. However, the strong colors, geometric shapes are not the symbols of classical academy. Therefore, we can see that the starting point in this design is not only to create an academy, but also how to combine all these symbols together.


Architecture should represent itself rather than property,power or others. As a sales center, the product of marketization, it should not only attract the customers but also be a real architecture with its own honor. Moreover, design is a way to change the form into another which exist in our real life, rather than creating anything. The process of design is combining different element and solving contradictions. Finally, an orderly entirety design will come out.


The feature of local landform is used in this project and a Yunnan traditional architecture form “Yi Ke Yin” is also considered. To find a new method showing Yunnan style well, the architect brings in some elements of Mexico modern architecture style.


The weather in Yunnan is Plateau monsoon climate, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. Ample sunshine and abundant rainfall make Yunnan be a wonderful garden where plants and weeds are growing thrivingly. Yunnan is also noted for the vast splendor of red land, therefore the red-earth wall is widely used in the vernacular architecture.


The Vernacular Architecture in Yunnan, which looks like a seal in the floor plan layout, have little or no small window on the building facades.For this reason, only the open patio can solve the lighting problem. The dwelling would be usually shown up as a single building or a village consisting of groups of houses. For traditional architecture, similar element are used widely and then various combination are derivative. The villages are built in accordance with the level terrain formed a patchwork pattern.


In Mexico, mostly due to altitude terrain, no cold winter and summer without heat, the trees are evergreen in four seasons, which is similar with Yunnan. The style of local traditional architecture is enthusiastic in form and showy in color. The modern Mexican architects, such as Luis Barragan and Ricardo Lcgorreta, combining the traditional elements with their individual style, create lots of famous designs, which lead to the development of Latin America modern architecture.


Therefore, with the three aspects of thinking above, the main design decision is to keep all the elements and contradictions in balance by coordinating the various design languages, even bringing in some non-local colors.


The sales pavilion is organized with four boxes and five courtyard, which are connected by the winding corridor. Bright red and yellow are used as the main colors in the design, and interspersed with purple to match better.


The entrance courtyard with a guided semi-open space can be seen as the prelude of the architecture to invite visitors.


When visitors look through the slice wall with a reduced open, a pomegranate standing in the center of water courtyard can be seen. And that is the core space of the sales pavilion, which gives the life to the building. At dawn or dusk, clouds scudding across, the water changes expression time by time.


The exhibition space with sloping roof, constructed by modern wood frame, is on the right side when visitors walk into the water courtyard. The long and narrow gardens around the main building with high walls, similar with the patios in dwellings, can be seen as a space of transition. Lighting from plateau will create amazing shadow on the walls.


There is a courtyard which can beused to hold open-air events on the right side.


The four model homes are seemingly randomly organized but take a great effect in an enclosed space. With the white high walls, the homes are independent from the noisy surroundings and looks standing out against the blue sky.


All the materials and structures are used in industrialized ways. The details of the handover of different materials are simply deal with agile and the characteristics are shown up adequately. Quality exterior paint, wood, metal and glass, all are common materials can be seen as an architectural language to express local features well in an appropriate manner.










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