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一棵与众不同的树 | A tree unlike other trees

在通往Riverwood的道路上,松树的峰顶标志着游客已到达这个庞大的、有着如梦如幻的自然风光的公园。由MARC FORNES设计, THEVERYMANY建造的松树圣所成为了米西索加Riverwood保护区的地标。它标志着公园的入口,为前来享乐游玩的游客提供了一种独特的空间体验。当一辆车从Burnhamthorpe路西行时,这个设计作为一个视觉图标显现出来。即使它很抓人眼球,让人不由得再看一眼,它高耸而拔尖的轮廓与Riverwood的松树林融为一体,相得益彰。

On the road to Riverwood, a peak among pines announces the sprawling park, a scenery of natural splendor, but unreal experiences. Pine Sanctuary by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY is a “placemaker” for Riverwood Conservancy in Mississauga. It signals the entrance to the park and provides a unique spatial experience for visitors to wander through and enjoy. From the speed of a car driving down Burnhamthorpe Road West, the piece stands out as a visual icon, but its tall and pointed profile is at home in the context of Riverwood’s pine trees, even if it provokes a second look.

▼抓人眼球的奇特造型,a visual icon that provokes a second look

某种超自然的存在 | Something super-natural


But is it a tree? Real-world comparisons are subjective; depending on the person viewing, they may vary from flower to petals to spanning webs. The colors of the piece pop. They are borrowed from their environment, but heightened and pushed to the realm of pop artificiality: a stepped gradient of aqua, chartreuse, and cyan vibrates among other greens and blues.

▼似花、似花瓣、似网,like a flower, petals or spanning webs


This first glimpse of Pine Sanctuary instills a childlike sense of curiosity. An inviting enclosure at a scale between sculpture and architecture, at once playful and mystical, it tempts a passerby to enter. Inside, intrigue is rewarded with a unique experience of space and light, and a deep, quiet, contemplative appreciation. This might translate into wonder about what this fantastical anomaly is, and how it was made, or something more introspective and meditative. The delaminated, double-layered skin provides a moiré of colors, as well as shadows and speckled light to catch on the ground. This is a place for spontaneous play as much as it is a sanctuary for one to simply lose their time.

▼第一眼看到松树圣所时会引起人们孩子般的好奇心,the first glimpse of Pine Sanctuary instills a childlike sense of curiosity

面与结构的微妙平衡 | A delicate balance of surface + structure


In a kind of dance, this system of branches rotates around a center point. The overall geometry is comprised of an aggregation of dripping “Macro Shingles” which form pockets of space, blurring the lines between inside out, while increasing shadowy coverage. There’s no trunk holding up this arboreal structure. Instead, it opens up into a shady space. Macro shingles resolve into branches that touch the ground lightly around a covered grove, like a redwood hollowed out. A top central moment peels away and branches into several feet that lightly meet the ground, along the way creating a labyrinth through which one can slip in, out and around. Circling the structure, no facade ever repeats itself. The new, unique angle upon every step forward prolongs the sense of discovery.

▼曲面即结构,中心为无柱空间,the curved surfaces hold themselves structurally, leaving the centre an open space

超薄弯曲动态 | Ultra-thin bending-active


“Bending-Active” describes a form-finding process that derives from the elastic deformation of a plate element. In this case, the bending behavior of 2mm thick aluminum stripes assumes curvature to gain structural performance. Much of the existing research on bending-active structure investigates the elastic properties of wood; yet wood cannot fold or crease. Here, thin aluminum allows us to create a hybrid structure: most of the stripes bend into place while also connecting to a thin spine made from folded plates, articulated in black.

▼弯曲的铝片因其本身的性质而获得结构的稳定,the deformed aluminum plates assume curvature to gain structural performance

条纹,V形与脊柱 | Stripes, chevrons, spine


The project is an example of the studio’s innovative ” Structural Stripes” —a building system in which a continuous surface is de/composed into custom designed and digitally fabricated parts, cut from ultra-thin aluminum. They laminate in multiple directions to create the curvilinear form of each component piece. Linear stripes and arching components are laser cut from thin-gauge aluminum sheets and painted with fours shades of green, a blue, black and white to produce a dynamic coloration across the whole system.

▼用激光切割机切出的条纹,stripes made from lasercut machines


The stripes of Pine Sanctuary adjust in density, so that gaps between them generate areas of porosity. In petal-like forms, the stripes merge together at the base, offering spaces where dancers and explorers and tree-dwellers of all kinds can tuck in, recline, or hide for a moment. 3,161 unique stripes accumulate to host these activities. Day and night, our tree-like pavilion anticipates diverse occupations. When and how you choose spend your time there is up to you. Pine Sanctuary is the studio’s second public art project in Canada, after “Vaulted Willow,” a permanent folly in Borden Park in Edmonton, commissioned by the Edmonton Arts Council.

▼设计线图可以清楚地看到材料的叠加,design lineworks reveal the lamination process

▼设计在一天之中的光影变化,the project in day and night



尺寸:26’H x 20’W x 20’D





Title: Pine Sanctuary

Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada

Dimensions: 26’ H x 20’ W x 20’ D

Parts: 3,161 “Structural Stripes” in 2mm aluminum


Commissioned by: City of Mississauga, Public Art Collection

Engineering by: LaufsED


设计师 | 中国