Locus Amoenus 2018欧洲植被展装置,热那亚 / ENTER Studio + OBR

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在2018欧洲植被展中,ENTER Studio 与 OBR带来了他们的共同设计。此次展览的主办方为意大利城市热那亚。在当地Nervi公园中,这座名为Locus Amoenus的装置,由超过一千只纸风车环绕着中央露台组成。它们与周围环境相映衬,成为独特又美丽的风景。

ENTER Studio and OBR bring architecture into Euroflora 2018. The famous international flower show in Genoa, Italy, hosts, in its new location at the Parks of Nervi, the installation “Locus Amoenus” by ENTER Studio and OBR: composed of more than a thousand pinwheels surrounding a circular patio, the installation interacts with the landscape and with visitors who considered the intervention a great success.

▼装置全貌,full view

Locus Amoenus强调了装置与环境的关系。它的存在重新诠释了公园绿地空间里的常用景观小品设计。设计师决定融合英式公园和巴洛克式园林构想,将芦苇荡和幻想中的罗曼蒂克自然景观与17世纪的华丽水池相结合,打造与众不同的景观设计。Locus Amoenus由场地、风车花园和露台三个不同的部分组成,是一个可与人互动的体验装置。场地是承载装置的陆地。圆形的木质露台与水槽和位于中央的马蹄莲唤起了巴洛克式的园林景象。1200只风车如同花朵般环绕在人造景观之中,形成美丽壮观的风车花园。

Locus Amoenus is the result of a reflection on the relationship between project and context. In particular, it is the setting of the historic park that has led to the reinterpretation of some of the frequent components in the tradition of designing green areas. ENTER Studio and OBR have decided to combine the tópoi of the English park and the baroque garden to imagine another space where lake reeds and spontaneous nature of romantic inspiration meet 17th-century pools and a hint of extraordinariness. Locus Amoenus is an interactive installation made up of three different components: the Field, the Pinwheel Garden, and the Patio. The Field is the surface upon which rests the installation. The circular wooden Patio with its water tank and calla lily flowers in the centre recalls the basins of the Baroque gardens. The Pinwheel Garden evokes the ornamental garden through 1,200 pinwheels that symbolize flowers in a process in which the artificial imitates the natural.

▼装置与人的互动,the interaction of the installation and visitors


The intention of the designers is, in fact, to propose a shared space, where visitors can interact among themselves and with the installation, overcoming a position of mere passive contemplation, stimulating new social and environmental meanings.

▼装置细节,detail of the installation

▼概念效果图,concept image


▼风车高度,height of the pinwheel



Name of the project: Locus Amoenus

An installation in between landscape, man and… pinwheels

Location: Parks of Nervi, Genoa, Italy

Client: Municipality of Genova – Parks of Nervi, EUROFLORA 2018.

international flower show – “Wonder in the Parks” competition, organized by GENOVA FLORALIES

Project team:

ENTER Studio

Margherita Del Grosso, Massimiliano Dalle Sasse, Alessio Poggi, Andrea Silvestri, Chiara Mondin

OBR Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi

Paolo Brescia, Tommaso Principi, Paride Falcetti, Martina Mongiardino

Year: 2018

Size: 100 mq


HABITAT by Peluffo




Chinese text: gooood

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Locus Amoenus 2018欧洲植被展装置,热那亚 / ENTER Studio + OBR