Fondation Jeantet

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Fondation Jeantet

Agence Ter: The aim was to propose a simple response to a programme that included the construction of an auditorium beneath the existing structure, a seven story housing complex, and the renovation of an old villa and its gardens. From the street, a long footbridge leads to the heart of the project which is a patio designed like a Japanese anteroom. It is a place of calmness and serenity that is experienced directly from within or indirectly from the rooftop terrace. Two offset walls, built of concrete, create interstitial spaces within which two stairs are inserted to give access to the flat roof. Flowering cherries are planted casually on a dark stone and moss bed. Additionally, a water storage system within the thick walls introduces a special quality of sound for a space that is essentially landscaping.

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Landscape Architecture: Agence Ter

Project: Redevelopment of the headquarters of a medical foundation

Client: Fondation Louis Jeantet

项目经理:Domino Architectes
Project manager: Agence Ter, Domino Architectes

Budget: 2.4 M€HT

Area: 1.260 m²

Calendar: competition (winner) 1995

Construction: 1997

Honors: Prix de la Première OEuvre (Young Architects Prize) Awarded by «Le Moniteur Architecture»

Text and photos: Agence ter