Elector’s Palace of Koblenz

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Elector’s Palace of Koblenz

RMP Landschaftsarchitekten: From a parking area to a space for inner-city life – for many years, the Schlossvorplatz was not a part of public life, but the Schlossvorplatz of today is an important component in the city’s urban structure. The circular structures’ two inner courtyards provide citizens with an expansive and appealing green area. This area’s special atmosphere and aura depends upon a well-balanced combination of old and new elements. We have conserved and interpreted the history of this location in a new way, making use of typical planting elements, geometries, colour schemes and materials.

© Thomas Frey

© Thomas Frey

© Markus Steur

© Markus Steur

© Markus Steur

© Markus Steur

同样的道理也可以用在Schlossgarten上:种植和路径结构回忆了Peter Joseph Lenne的原始设计,同时又构成了Schloss的地面计划的当代复制品。一旦无法进入,Schlossgarten现在也是一个公共绿地。通过在墙上放置两扇门,我们可以直接进出莱茵河。在现场的树木稀少使得Schloss再次成为城市天际线的一个显著特征。
The same could be said of the Schlossgarten: the planting and path structures recall the original designs by Peter Joseph Lenné whilst at the same time constituting a contemporary reproduction of the Schloss’s ground plan. Once inaccessible, the Schlossgarten is now also a public green space. By placing two doors in the wall, we have enabled direct access to and from the Rhine side. Thinning out of the trees onsite has allowed the Schloss to become, once again, a prominent feature of the city’s skyline.

Landscape Architect: RMP Landschaftsarchitekten – Stephan Lenzen

Project: Modern Classics – Elector’s Palace of Koblenz (Bundesgartenschau 2011)

客户:BUGA科布伦茨2011 GMH I.L
Client: BUGA Koblenz 2011 GmbH i.L.

时间:2006 - 2011
Period of time: 2006-2011

Costs: 26 million euro (total), 5,14 million euro (the environment of the palace)

Area: 64 hectares (total), 5,13 hectares (the environment of the palace)

发展:1 - 9工作阶段
Development: work phases 1-9

competition: 2006, 1st prize with von Canal Architekten & Ingenieure, Koblenz


Award to the Städtebaupreis 2012;

PLAKETE FUR RB BRIER FBONE 2011 VOM SoZialVeland DeutsR.E.V.,LeSnErdBand Relin PFARZZ/萨尔兰州
Plakette für Barrierefreies Bauen 2011 vom Sozialverband Deutschland e.V., Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland

空中图像:托马斯·弗雷,Frey- pressebild。
Aerial images: Thomas Frey, Frey-Pressebild

皇宫和宫殿花园广场的照片:Markus Steur
Photos the plaza in front of the palace & the palace garden: Markus Steur