BORA Headquaters 住宅,西班牙马洛卡岛 / SAOTA

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This relaxed resort-style home and work environment, a short flight from Germany, blends into its surrounding bucolic landscape through its use of form and locally inspired materials. Designed by SAOTA, it reflects a contemporary take on Mallorca’s architecture. The client’s vision for Bora Headquarters was inspired by the airy light-filled spaces of SAOTA’s Cape Town projects that they had previously visited. The complex, steeply sloping, site required careful placement of the building to provide comfortable pedestrian and vehicular access. Its length allowed for the creation of a linear terraced building with every important room, on both the terrace and bedroom level, having uninterrupted views with an emphasis on outdoor living.

▼开阔的室外空间,the expansive outdoor space


The linear arrangement is interspersed with green pause spaces on both levels. Stone walls act as holding elements at the ends of the building. The three bedroom blocks on the upper level are separated with lush courtyards all tied together by the steel holding edge beams. The building is a fusion of a contemporary approach with regional influences. The traditional curved tiled roofs in the area inspired the exterior upper eaves and internal gallery where the forms are re-interpreted as a series of stone vaults.

▼卧室体量和庭院被钢制边梁联系在一起,the bedroom blocks and the courtyards are tied together by the steel holding edge beams

▼拱形屋顶与悬垂结构细节,the details of the vaulted ceilings and the overhangs

▼位于露台上的餐桌,dinning table at the terrace level

▼位于露台上的起居空间,living space at the terrace level


The building is layered in the use of materials including plaster, stone, wooden pergolas and shutters, aluminium and large expanses of glass. The entry forecourt leads one into the main living level which opens onto a shaded outdoor terrace, raised half a level above the pool. Internally it is arranged as a series of individual open plan spaces. There is a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors. The pergolas and tree canopies control the sunlight and create a gentle dappled interior feel. On the upper level, bedrooms open into a light filled gallery with the signature barrel vaulted ceilings, echoed from the exterior.

▼入口前院,the entry forecourt

▼进入大门后回看,looking back at the entrance

该建筑体现了被动式设计方法,有较深的悬垂结构、滑动式百叶窗、幕帘和嵌壁式门窗,日光和自然通风充满整个内部空间。室内设计由ARRCC和Revuelta y Stahn (RyS)工作室完成,家具采用中性低调的的纹理,并且都是手工制作。设计宗旨是在舒适和典雅之间达到平衡。

The building reflects a passive design approach with deep overhangs, sliding shutters, screens and recessed doors and windows with natural light and ventilation flooding the interior spaces. The interiors, by ARRCC and Revuelta y Stahn (RyS) Architects, are neutral and understated with accents of textured and hand-crafted pieces. The brief was to create a balance between comfort and elegance.

▼一层室内空间与室外用玻璃门隔开,完全打开时仿佛连成一体;the interior and the exterior space on the first floor are separated by sliding glass doors, which allow for a full flow of space when opened up

▼二层内部的拱形屋顶与室外屋顶相呼应, the stone vaulted ceiling echoes the exterior roof

▼从外部看百叶窗构成二层的立面元素, the shutters become the facade elements for the second floor

▼二层主卧套间,master suite on the second floor

家中摆放着从Minotti、Giorgetti、Poliform&Molteni Co.等个人或公司选出的作品。餐厅有一个定制的Pierre Cronje法国橡木餐桌,配上Paola Lenti的餐椅。艺术品来自客户的私人收藏。该项目是SAOTA与西班牙当地建筑公司RyS的合作。这是SAOTA在西班牙马洛卡岛完成的第一个项目,而SAOTA在世界86个国家都有建成项目。

Spaces were furnished with pieces from amongst others Minotti, Giorgetti, Poliform and Molteni & Co. The dining room features a custom Pierre Cronje French Oak dining table, complimented with Paola Lenti dining Chairs. The artwork is from the client’s private collection. SAOTA collaborated with Spanish-based architects, RyS Architects. With an international footprint in 86 countries, this is SAOTA’s first completed project in Mallorca, Spain.

▼家中摆放着的艺术品,artistic piece placed inside

▼卫生间可一览室外景色,the bathroom has a good view of exterior landscape

▼首层平面,the ground floor plan

▼二层平面,the first floor plan




项目组:Philip Olmesdahl,Stefan Antoni,Tamaryn Fourie和Werner Lotz

记录架构师:RyS Architects



照明设计:Lux Populi

项目摄影师:Adam Letch

Project Name: Bora Headquarters

Project Location: Mallorca, Spain

Architects: SAOTA

Project Team: Philip Olmesdahl, Stefan Antoni, Tamaryn Fourie & Werner Lotz

Architect of Record: RyS Architects

Interior Design: ARRCC & RyS Architects

Landscaping: Cracknell

Lighting Design: Lux Populi

Project Photographer: Adam Letch